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About Earlybird

Beijing Earlybird Industry Development Corporation Ltd.

Beijing Earlybird Industry Development Corporation Ltd (“Earlybird”) was founded in 2008, establishing its head office in Beijing and production base in Changsha city of Hunan Province, located in center of China.

For more than ten years, Earlybird has been always providing efficient PV modules, Ongrid/offgrid photovoltaic system products. Business ranges from large-scale Ground-mounted Photovoltaic Power Stations, Commercial & Industrial Rooftop PV System, Residential Rooftop PV System to Solar lighting system and Solar insecticidal lamp.

Meanwhile more than a product supplier, Earlybird is also expert in customized services. According to client’s requirements, Earlybird offers project consultation, design, installation, procurement, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Earlybird believes that best quality products, professional services and experienced team will satisfy you.

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Quality Assurance
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About Earlybird

As the first batch of PV module manufacturing enterprises, Earlybird has always been committed to high-efficiency technology research, quality improvement and standardized production of PV modules.

Lead The Industry

Earlybird has an industry-leading intelligent production line of high-efficiency photovoltaic modules with an annual output capacity of 1.5gw modules, having developed semi-finished photovoltaic modules, laminated tiles and films, double glass (double-sided), large-size single crystal and other components has entered a new era of efficient and intelligent manufacturing.

Quality Assurance

Earlybird guarantees that 10-year material and process quality assurance, linear warranty of output power for 25 years and above, MES system real-time monitoring, and so on, systematically controlling all links from raw materials to finished components to ensure that each process can be traced to the source.

Clean And Safe

Solar is a clean and safe energy source that converts sunlight into electricity for homes and businesses. Earlybird, to this end, has been committing to providing solar power for all, and insisting in our efforts to become the positive advocate and practitioner in clean power conversion technology.

Earlybird has been making energy cleaner and more efficient!

Earlybird has been working hard to create a better zero-carbon development!